The Science of Meditation

November 27th (2017)

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    The Science of Meditation is about the transformative effect of meditation on the areas of our lived experience that shape our happiness, well-being and ability to be of service to others. Join us as we continue to explore the conversation between the 2500 year old path of Buddhist wisdom and the modern scientific study of meditation and the mind.

    The Science of Meditation video series features lessons on the traditional practice of meditation, insights from cutting edge research on meditation, and practical tools to bring the practice and principles of meditation into your daily life. The teachings are suitable to both those new to meditation and those who have practiced for years. Attend all or any of the talks. (Free)

    Monday, Nov. 27

    Mindsight: Finding Meaning in Our Internal World

    A Dialogue with Dr. Dan Seigal and Acharya Fleet Maull

    • Discover your ability to transform your thoughts, feelings, and emotions to lead to a more balanced and fulfilling internal world
    • Learn how neuroplasticity may be the answer to rewiring your brain for a happier, healthier life
    • Understand the nature of “self” and how to develop mindsight – the ability to perceive the mind