San Diego Listening Circles

March 24th

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    As we each relate to reports of misconduct and addressing harm within the greater Shambhala mandala, complex emotions arise. The San Diego Shambhala Center is committed to providing a safe and open space for us to come together with fellow practitioners to explore our reactions and concerns.  The Listening Circle provides a container of friendliness and confidentiality where people can share their heart's truth in the present moment.  

    Explore your own response to events and/or listen to others in a safe and supportive environment.   Verbal sharing is not required, you may come and simply listen deeply to others. Our priority is to hold each other with caring and kindness. Confidentiality will be respected. We will have the opportunity to each speak our personal feelings. We will be encouraged to stay open to the group and its members without cross talk. This is an act of generosity towards ourselves and the other members of the group.

    If time allows there may be limited discussion. We are not able to provide answers to all of the questions that may be coming up but we can offer support through listening and holding space.

    No need to register, no fee, donations always accepted. 

    If you have questions you may email the coordinator at: [email protected]