'Becoming Bodhisattvas' Book Discussion Group

April 15th

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    Third Monday of the Month, starting March 18 at 7:00 p.m. This group will be reading “Becoming Bodhisattvas” (previous printed as “No Time to Lose”) Pema Chodron’s commentary on Shantideva’s  “The Way of the Bodhisattva”. Beginning with the initial dawning of Bodhichitta, the awakened heart, yearning to alleviate the suffering of others, it provides instructions on using the six paramitas to nurture this aspiration and to work skillfully with emotional reactivity and the wildness of our minds.

    Pema “regards this text as an instruction manual for extending ourselves to others, a guidebook for compassionate action. We can read it to free ourselves from crippling habits and confusion. We can read it to encourage our wisdom and compassion to grow stronger. And we can read it with the motivation to share the benefit with everyone we meet.”

    The book will be divided into six sections. Please read the selection in advance.

    April 15: “Using our Intellegence” thru “The Three Disciplines” (pp. 75 – 158)

    May 20: “Working with Anger” thru “Specific Situations” (pp. 176 – 224)

    June 17: “ Enthusiasm” (pp.225 – 267)

    July 15: “Heartbreak with Samsara” (pp. 269 – 301)

    August 19:  “Dissolving the Barriers” (pp. 303 – 339)

    Contact Kathryn Sturch for more information and/or you would like a list of discussion topics in advance.