Radical Dharma Discussion Group

November 25th

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    From the Radical Dharma website (www.radicaldharma.org):

    "Igniting a long-overdue dialogue about how the legacy of racial injustice and white supremacy plays out in society at large and Buddhist communities in particular, this urgent call to action outlines a new dharma that takes into account the ways that racism and privilege prevent our collective awakening."

    As part of our series, "Dharma of Ecological and Social Justice", offered the fourth Monday of every month, we will be reading and discussing Radical Dharma.

    Reading for November 25th: Section II

    Please note: Reading the book White Fragility is a prerequisite to attending the Radical Dharma discussion group for those with white skin privilege. If you did not attend the White Fragility discussions but would like to join in for Radical Dharma, please contact Sarah at [email protected] about scheduling a make-up.