Online Acharya Talks: Foundations for Freedom, Course III: Second Noble Truth, Part II

September 6th—November 2nd

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 Foundations For Freedom: The Hinayana is divided into five courses. Each course will be co-taught by two teachers, and presented by  Courses will include both live and pre-recorded talks. There are suggested readings that accompany each talk. You will find an overview of the complete five-part series here.

This registration is for a San Diego-based study group. The San Diego group provides the same videos, contemplations, and reading lists that Shambhala Online offers, along with four local discussions via Zoom. Access and dates for Discussion Groups will be provided after you register for the course below.  Of course you may register for this discussion group even if you are not in San Diego.

We are now beginning the third course in the series: 

Foundations for Freedom: The Hinayana

Course III - The Second Noble Truth: The Origins of Suffering, Part II - The Wheel of Life, Karma and the Twelve Nidanas

September 6 - October 25 with Acharya Judith Simmer-Brown and Gelong Loden Nyima

Course III Overview

The foundational teachings of the Buddha indicate that the suffering we experience in our lives can come to cessation if we recognize, deeply and profoundly, how that suffering has arisen.  This requires gentle bravery and deep contemplation, bypassing simplistic notions of how our suffering has arisen.  The Buddha provided powerful models for this contemplation through the interrelated teachings of karma and kle┼Ťa, or destructive emotions, as exemplified in the Wheel of Life.  Drawing from the contemporary insights of our Shambhala Buddhist lineage, we will tread the ancient path of the Buddha.

Class 1Introduction to the Second Noble Truth and Mindfulness of Life, with Loden Nyima and Acharya Judith Simmer-Brown

This live session will meet on Sunday, September 6 at the following times: 10:00am Pacific / 11:00am Mountain / 12:00pm Central / 1:00pm Eastern / 2:00pm Atlantic / 18:00 UK / 19:00 Central Europe

Class 2Kunjung of Klesa and Karma, with Loden Nyima and Acharya Judith Simmer-Brown (Pre-recorded)

Class 3Wheel of Life and the Six Realms, with Loden Nyima (Pre-recorded)

Class 4Twelve Nidanas: Cause (1-2) and Result (3-7), with Acharya Judith Simmer-Brown (Pre-recorded)

Class 5Twelve Nidanas: Present Lifetime (8-10) and Future Lifetime (11-12), with Acharya Judith Simmer-Brown (Pre-recorded)

Class 6: The Long View: Karma and Lifetimes and Cosmology, with Loden Nyima (Pre-recorded)

Class 7: Discussion GroupsLive session Sunday October 25.