Online Programs

SUNDAY TEA: Social Gathering on Zoom

with Sarah Smith

November 15th—July 25th

Sunday tea is a social time for community members and newcomers to come and spend some time together on Zoom. Continue »

Sunday Morning Sitting on Zoom

with Sarah Smith

February 21st—August 1st

This meditation is 20 minutes of sitting shamatha, followed by 10 minutes walking meditation and 20 more minutes of sitting shamatha. Continue »

Book Discussion:  Living Beautifully with Uncertainty and Change

with Martha Heinz

April 6th—June 15th

All are welcome to join this wonderful time discussing this incredible book by Pema Chodron, one of Shambhala's own. Continue »

Matiri Bhavana (Offer 2nd Sunday of Month)

with Shastri Ruth Wallen

April 11th—August 8th

The Maitri Bhavana is a regularly scheduled mahayana practice for the seriously ill. All are welcome. Continue »

White Tara Practice (via Zoom)

with Shastri Ruth Wallen & Kathryn Sturch

April 18th—July 25th

White Tara (Second Sunday of Monday is Maitri Bhavana) is a compassion practice involving visualization and mantra recitation that helps to soothe the suffering of beings and promote health and long life. Continue »

Tonglen - The Meditation Practice of offering Relief from Suffering

with Jill Giraud, Tashi Sertso, Carolynn Larson-garcia

April 19th—July 19th

A Tibetan Buddhist meditation practice of giving and receiving, exchanging self for other. This is offered on 1 & 3rd Mondays of the month. Continue »

Thursday: Meditation & Contemplation (via Zoom)

with Jodi Li & Judith Schnack

April 22nd—July 29th

This evening is open to both new and experienced meditators. There will be an opportunity to receive meditation instruction and follow along in contemplative exercises. Continue »

Wednesday Mindfulness Meditation (via Zoom)

with Judy Hirsh & Emma Bunnell

May 26th—July 28th

Mindfulness Meditation - Open to new and experienced practitioners. Continue »

One Day Meditation Retreat - NYINTHUN (on Zoom)

with Steve Bernath

June 26th

A one day meditation retreat. An opportunity to "practice like your hair's on fire!" Continue »