Generosity Fund

Dear SDSMC members:

The Executive Council (EC) has created a fund to support members in their time of financial or medical need and for those who need monetary support for further dharma study for Shambhala Path programs such as those held at one of our many land centers. We are very pleased that we are able to offer these scholarships to our members in keeping with the Shambhala principle of generosity.

The Lyon Generosity Fund was originally created to help financially support Acharya Allyn Lyon when she was in need of financial assistance. Acharya Lyon was one of San Diego’s main teachers, supporting the San Diego sangha for many years, visiting and teaching often as well as having many close and personal friends within our sangha. Unfortunately, Acharya Lyon lost her fight with cancer in early 2016 at which time the EC decided that a fitting use of the leftover funds from helping Acharya Lyon would be repurposing them in helping our sangha members; we think Acharya Lyon would be fully supportive of our efforts.

The Lyon Generosity fund is expected to be used in the following manner:

    • All requests for scholarships from the Lyon Fund will be kept strictly confidential by Council members.
    • The Lyon Fund will not be used for general financial needs of the center but will be restricted to helping members. Funds will be distributed to those who communicate a financial or medical hardship need as well as for people who need monetary support to participate in Shambhala Path programs typically held at, but not limited to, Shambhala land centers. This would apply, for example, to an urban Enlightened Society Assembly not held at a land center.
    • The Lyon Fund monies will not be used toward Shambhala Path classes at the many Shambhala centers that are not land centers except as described above, nor for any other needs not previously called out.
    • Anyone who would like to specifically give money to the Fund can do so by designating it for the Lyon Fund (e.g., through memo on a check or note in PayPal). We will be in constant need of replenishing the funds so that our members can continue to benefit.
    • We will use the funds available until they are depleted; to ensure that that we help as many people as possible, there will be no minimum carry balance. Once the funds run out, disbursements will stop until the Fund coffer is built up again.
    • The Lyon Fund grants will not exceed $200 per person per year.
    • Financial, medical and scholarship fund requests will be reviewed by the EC on a case-by-case basis, predicated by a written request to the EC.
    • For monetary support for Shambhala Path programs, each program typically has a matching fund process. Members who request a scholarship from the Lyon Fund are expected to also apply for matching funds from the particular program. It is not expected that a matching fund or a Lyon Fund scholarship will pay for the whole class, just make the burden a bit easier to bear and hopefully make the difference of whether you can attend or not.
    • SDSMC members who have been members for at least one year as classified in the Shambhala Database may apply in writing to any EC member. Specifically, the requestor will describe the reason for the request, amount of the request, and how the money will be used. The EC member will forward the request to the rest of the Council. Depending on timing, a decision will be made either at the next EC business meeting or by email if the request is timely and a decision would need to be made before the next business meeting.


Please feel free to reach out to any Executive Council member should you have any questions about the Lyon Generosity Fund.