Sunday Morning Sitting - 4540 Kearny Villa Road, Suite 111

January 29th—March 31st

This meditation is 20 minutes of silent/mindfulness meditation, followed by 10 minutes walking meditation and 20 more minutes of silent. Continue »

Every Wednesday 2024 Mindfulness Meditation (via Zoom)

May 3rd—March 27th

Mindfulness Meditation - Open to new and experienced practitioners. This is open all of 2024 - January through December on Wednesday nights! Continue »

Thursday Night Meditation - 4540 Kearny Villa Road, Suite 111

May 4th—March 28th

All are welcome to this evening of meditation and contemplation at our new center location. Continue »

TAI CHI for All offered by Andrew Brown - THURSDAYS

May 11th—March 28th

Learn this wonderful contemplative practice in-person (Shambhala Center). All are welcome! Continue »

Ecosattva Training, A Brave and Tender Reckoning.

January 8th—April 15th

"The EcoSattva Training, developed by One Earth Sangha is an eight-part series designed to support you in developing your response, internal and external, to a changing world. Continue »

Ikebana Winter-Early Spring 2024 Series @ 4540 Kearney Villa Road, Suite111

February 17th—May 4th

The basic purpose of ikebana is opening to and expressing the sacredness, natural harmony and order of the world. By arranging greenery, flowers, container and water, we can express this connection beautifully and simply with a sense of elegance. Continue »