Tonglen - The Meditation Practice of offering Relief from Suffering

with Jill Giraud, Tashi Sertso, Carolynn Larson-garcia

April 19th—July 19th

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    Tonglen or Maitri Bhavana is the meditation practice of “sending and taking,” an ancient Buddhist contemplation to awaken compassion. With each in-breath, we take in anothers’ pain. With each out-breath, we send them relief from suffering. This practice can be offered for sick, endangered or dying beings, pets, or for events/situations which may seem impossible.

    Our teacher Pema Chödrön tells us:

     "Breathe in for all of us and breathe out for all of us. Use what seems like poison as medicine."

    Everyone is welcome.  Instruction is provided. The practice is perfect for experienced and new practitioners.

    Individual requests for tonglen are accepted, or to make a request without attending the session, please email [email protected]

    This program is free.  Donations are always gratefully accepted. 

    This zoom meditation will take place on the 1st & 3rd Mondays of the month at noon.

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