TAI CHI for All offered by Andrew Brown - THURSDAYS

May 11th—March 28th

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    Class: Tai Chi for All!
    Description: Tai Chi is a slow, gentle exercise practiced by many millions of people of all ages and ability. The primary focus is to cultivate the body, master the breath, maintain balance and to coordinate every action. Every class begins with breath work and health exercises, then balanced walking, techniques, partner drills, and solo forms, ending with another set of health exercises and breath work.
    Bio: Andrew Brown committed to the way of Tai Chi at 18 and has practiced everyday since. His first teacher imparted the four major styles of Tai Chi (Chen, Yang, Wu, Sun), followed closely by competitions which shifted his focus to the core principles. He has been teaching students of all ages and abilities for over 8 years. As a Martial Artist, Andrew has studied many ways including Wushu, Wing Chun, Karate, Tai Jutsu, Jiu Jutsu and more. Feel free to ask him anything.